Show life has been somewhat of a "Bittersweet" journey for our family.

Our son, Austin, began his show career as a young boy in 4H with a bucket calf. He enjoyed his showing experiences and quickly moved on to market animals and breeding stock. As he got older, Austin became more involved and traveled to shows with friends and families made through showing.

Austin tragically passed away in December 2010 at the age of sixteen. After Austin’s death, we abandoned the barn and anything to do with showing livestock for five years. Jaleigh was only five years old when her big brother died. She had spent hours and hours with him "down at the barn" learning what she could, watching intently.

When Jaleigh became old enough to join 4H, we asked her yearly if she was willing to begin showing livestock and her response was always a definite "NO WAY!" We found relief in those words.

All that changed in the winter of 2015/2016 when Jaleigh found herself bonding with a home-raised steer that would come to her as she spent hours sitting in the bunk observing. It was there that she experienced a genuine change of heart and proclaimed her readiness to begin her show career.

Feelings of excitement and distress washed over us. Could we find the courage to travel the show road once again? So many memories flooded us as we opened that abandoned Showbox. The "scent" of the show products, the "whir" of the blower motor, the "chink" of the blocking chute.

With Jaleigh being only ten, we knew we would have to take a more active role in helping her achieve her goals. We would be relearning what little we knew and realizing how much we still needed to learn.

'It is our goal to provide a place to not only purchase show supplies and feed supplements but also to exchange ideas, advice, memories, failures, and successes.'

 We went on a journey to build relationships with those willing to share their knowledge, advice, tips, and experiences. We needed to know proper feeding protocols, daily care routines, clipping techniques and fitting for show day success. We were overwhelmed, but our relationships became priceless to us. We also began asking questions, observing experienced families at shows, watching videos and attending clinics both knowledge-based and hands on.

After attending a Stierwalt clinic in spring 2017, we began to consider a show supply business. We couldn’t shake the thought and felt as though The Lord was opening doors for us. We decided to step out in faith and thus the beginning of Final Drive Show Supply.

It is our goal to provide a place to not only purchase show supplies and feed supplements but also to exchange ideas, advice, memories, failures, and successes. A place to direct new families to resources, show schedules, and clinics. Although we are by no means experts, our goal is to freely and willingly help in any way to allow show families the opportunity to succeed while experiencing a deeper success than that found in the color of a ribbon or size of the trophy. We want to help alleviate the fear of the unknown and to foster new and old relationships. We want to help show kids and families build lifelong friendships and to make everlasting memories to treasure!

We have been challenged, embarrassed, overcome and humbled.
Yet we have grown, laughed, improved and experienced some victories.

The gain has far outweighed the sacrifice.

Hard work + Determination = Successful Outcomes…although we all measure success differently! Sometimes the greatest rewards are experienced in the smallest of victories!